1944 Warsaw Uprising tour

By 1944 with the tide of war turning, and their resources and morale seemingly in disarray, German forces had begun a strategic retreat from Warsaw. The Home Army (Poland’s wartime underground movement) launched a military strike with the aim of liberating Warsaw from the occupation and installing an independent government. The battle lasted 63 days and cost the lives of over 20,000 troops and some 150,000 civilians. With the uprising defeated, Hitler ordered all remaining civilians to be expelled, and surviving buildings to be numbered in their order of importance to Polish culture and systematically dynamited. The darkest chapter of Warsaw’s history had been written. On the 60th anniversary of this event (1st of August 2004) the Museum of Warsaw Uprising opened.


ROUTE: District of Wola civilians slaughter, Old and New Towns area of fighting, Monument to Warsaw Uprising, memorial sites, sewage transportation system, Military cemetery.
Optional: Museum of Warsaw Uprising (individual visit, guided visit possible – for larger groups must be booked in advance) – more time required (Museum is not available on Tuesdays)

Tour Duration: 4-6 hours (including driving time)
Group size: 1-4 pax
For larger groups extra transportation (mini-van, bus) cost will be added – please contact for details
meeting place and time:  according to your wish
Transportation Method: walking and car tour
1-4 hours: 160 Euro per tour
each additional hour – 35 Euro
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transportation for up to 4 pax, parking fees
Additional costs:
Optional entrance fees:  Warsaw Uprising Museum – optional (5.50 Euro/pax) – for larger groups must be booked in advance, guided tour possible at extra cost by Museum guide)
Please note:  services are priced PER TOUR, not PER PERSON
Should you be in Warsaw on August 1st (the anniversary day) make sure you witness the unique moment at 5 pm sharp (the ‘W” hour – the beginning of 1944 Warsaw Uprising). Do not worry if you do not know where to see it…. it happens everywhere.
This is a tribute to the fallen and respect to the city of Warsaw >
There is a city…
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