Jewish shtetls of Central & Eastern Poland

The word Shtetl means a little town… but …. it only meant a little town in Eastern Europe, inhabited by Jews, usually more than half of the population. The concept of shtetl culture is used as a metaphor for the traditional way of life of 19th-century Eastern European Jews.  Shtetls are portrayed as pious communities following Orthodox Judaism, socially stable and unchanging despite outside influence or attacks. Not only did the Jews of the shtetl speak a unique language (Yiddish), but they also had a unique rhetorical style, rooted in traditions of Talmudic learning…. The Holocaust resulted in the disappearance of shtetls, but we can still fnd their traces….
Góra Kalwaria (Ger, Gur, גער) > click here for Ger tour
Łowicz (Lovitsh, לאָוויטש)
Łuków (Likova, ליקאָוואַ)
Międzyrzec Podlaski (Mezeritch, שטירעזעמ) > click here for Mezeritch tour
Mława (Mlave, מלאווע)
Otwock (Otvotsk, אטוואצק)
Piotrków Trybunalski (Petrikev, פּעטריקעװ) > click here for Piotrków tour
Radomsko (Radomsk, ראַדאָמסק)
Siedlce (Shedlitz, שעדלעץ, שעדליץ)
Sochaczew (Sokhatshev, סאכאטשעוו)
Sokołów Podlaski (Sokolov, סאקאלאוו-פאדליאסקי)
Tykocin (Tiktin, טיקטין) – click here for Tiktin tour
Warka (Vurke, Vorke, װורקע)
Wysokie Mazowieckie (Visoka Mazovietzk, וויסאקע-מאזאוויעצק)
Wyszków (Vishkov, ווישקוב)
and many others …
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