Old and New Towns walking tour

Historic centre and oldest part of the city, it is also a living, breathing cultural salon. Old Town founded in the 13th century as the prince’s castle, it is surrounded by walls. During World War II, 90% of it was destroyed, but thanks to its excellent restoration and recovery, in 1980 it was granted the status of a UNESCO World Heritage List. Currently. Today it is a lively place, bustling with tourists and locals, and full of galleries, cafés and restaurants.  New Town was founded at the end of the 14th century and by the 18th century, it functioned as a separate city with its own administration, town hall and church. Most of the baroque and neoclassical buildings around the Market Square are post-war reconstructions, as the originals were destroyed during the Warsaw Uprising (1944). Today, the charming streets boasts many restaurants and cafés.


ROUTE:  the a-must essential Warsaw, history of Warsaw as a capital of Poland. Walk around the most important architecture of the Old and New Towns – including Royal Castle square with Sigismund’s Column, Optional: Royal Castle interior – the magnificent residence of the Polish Kings (Royal Apartments of 18th cent.), narrow streets of Old Town, st. John’s Cathedral, St. Martin church, Market square, the Barbican and city walls, monuments and memorial sites.

The tour may be extended to nearby historic area around the Old Town (part of the Royal Route, historic Saxon Gardens, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Theater square), which will give the detailed introduction to Warsaw’s history.

Tour Duration: 1-5 hours
Remarks: please note – some museums are closed on certain days – please contact for details
Group size: 1-30 pax
meeting place:  for group bigger than 4 pax – Castle square by Sigismund’s Column; for small groups of 1-4 pax – car transfer possible at no extra charge
Transportation Method: walking tour
1-4 hours: 160 Euro per tour
each additional hour – 35 Euro
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transfer up to 4 pax if needed
Additional costs:
Optional entrance fees: Royal Castle – optional (9 Euro/pax), 20 minute documentary film about WW2 Warsaw destruction – optional (3 Euro / pax)
Please note:  services are priced PER TOUR, not PER PERSON
To book a tour please e-mail me at:  warsaw-guide@o2.pl giving the date and time, tour duration and any other details you may consider important. You are also welcomed to share your specific preferences / special interest for the special itinerary could be tailored for you.
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