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I would like to thank all tourists I had chance to work with for traveling to Warsaw and Poland with sincere interest and deep effort to understand its history. You make my work and passion worth every second of sharing it with you. Thank you for sharing your own history with me. I have learned a lot from you. This is a priceless experience you can’t buy. With open mind and ability to listen, we can make the world better…

Ewa Bratosiewicz, a tour guide of Warsaw and its vicinity

Yesterday around this time we were walking in Warsaw. Today we are working again in the Netherlands…. Of course we prefer the first! Although it was very cold we all enjoyed the walk and the information. It´s a beautiful city and thanks to you we know a lot more about the history and the buildings as well. Thank you very much! Frank Arents, The Netherlands, November 2006

We have returned to the US, and I am writing you to tell you that your tour was excellent!! You made our short stay in Warsaw a memorable one. You explained a lot to us that is not contained in any of the guide books we had read. I will definitely recommend your guide service to everyone I know. Again, thank you very much. Ed Shugart, USA, June 2007

I wanted to thank you again for the depth and expertise you added to my time in Warsaw. I came away from my visit to Poland with an overwhelming sense of connection to the history of your country. Your effort is deeply appreciated and I hope we meet again in the future. Warmest regards, Paul H. Ratner, USA, June 2007

We just wanted to drop you a note to say how much we really enjoyed getting to know you and how much we learned from you in our guided tour of Sue’s ancestral villages and Warszawa. We had a rich experience that we will never forget. Seeing firsthand the indomitable spirit of the Polish people and learning about their long journey to independence were great gifts for us. Ewa, we have warm regards and a great deal of respect for you as a person and professional. Sue is fond of saying that if Poland were still fighting for independence today, you’d be one of the leaders in the underground! Thank you for the extra effort we know you gave to making our tours special. Best wishes and Do Vidzenia (pardon my spelling). If you come to the midwest of the USA, you must tell us. You are welcome to stay with us or, if Iowa is not on your top 10 list of “must see” sites (humor), we will drive to meet you. John Nietupski and Sue Hamre-Nietupski, USA, October 2007

Thank you again for the wonderful tour. We learned so much on the tour and your depth of knowledge and sensitivity to the Jewish culture were quite unique. We hope to spend more time with you on a future visit to Warsaw. Howard and Pennie Fields, USA, May 2008

We can’t thank you enough for the fabulous tours you gave us. The tours of Warsaw were amazing, especially the Jewish ghetto, all the sacred places now rebuilt or restored, and the history. Of course our trip to Wysockie was incredible. We’ve told everyone about it, and Lou is still talking about “finding” his grandmother’s family! It was all so thrilling, we won’t stop thinking about it for a long time!! We are very grateful to you for all of your hard work, and we will write a review on your website. Again, we continue to talk about our wonderful trip, it was too short!! Have a great year, and we would love to see you again sometime! Lou, Jeannie, Josh & Matt Sorell, USA, August 2008

Dr Benamar just called to tell me he had a most interesting and enjoyable tour. Thank you for looking after him so well! Best regards, Tony, Israel, September 2008

Eva was fantastic! Her command of English was incredible and she had a perfect balance of humour & seriousness. I would thoroughly recommend her. She is one of the best guides we have ever had & we’ve had lots! Book her! Hilary S, United Kingdom, September 2010

Tour was excellent. Ewa was very knowledgeable, pleasant and her English was perfect. Most impressively, she followed up with an email after my visit to provide me with valuable references on Warsaw’s history. Norbert Bichofberger Hillborough, California, May 2011

Dear Ewa,many thanks for the time in Warsaw, it was extremely informative and I really enjoyed it. You are a great guide.Thanks also for sending an extensive list of references.Best regards, Norbert Bischofberger, USA, May 2011

Ewa did an excellent job. She was onsite well in advance of our scheduled time to meet with a smile. Her English is very good and she was ready with an answer to every question about the sites on the tour and suggestions for other things to do in Warsaw. Plus, she was flexible when we wanted to speed up some portions of the tour or linger in others. Dan Sobkowiak, United States, July 2011

It was really amazing spending the afternoon with you, such a rich experience, not only informative but deeply thought-provoking. Armando and I are both grateful for your exhaustive knowledge and warm hospitality. Thanks as well for connecting us with Robert, without whom our transformative visit to Majdanek would have been a poorer experience. I look forward to discussing possibilities for my student tour next year, and to future conversations. Warmest regards, Jared Stark, Associate Professor of Literature, Letters Collegium, Eckerd College, St. Petersburg,  Florida, July 2011

Thank you again so much for our wonderful day in Mlawa. Vered, Ryder, Tyrone and I have not stopped talking about how great you were! Boaz Stark, Australia, August 2011

Without question, one of the best tours I’ve ever had. Ewa really has a unique way of conveying not only the historical facts regarding Warsaw Rising but I could sense the real passion and interest she has in this subject. I plan on returning for more of Ewa’s tours. This was a real pleasure for me. I highly recommend to anyone wanting to know and feel the history of this battle. (Warsaw Uprising 1944 tour). Michael Digby, United States, May 2012

Ewa was our guide for both Warsaw Rising as well as Best of Warsaw. Ewa was knowledgeable and her English was excellent. The tours were well done and everything went without any problems. Thank you Ewa. Jim Meyer. James Meyer, United States, May 2012

Ewa was extremely knowledgeable. Our 4 hour tour of the remains of the Warsaw Ghetto was absolutely fascinating. Ewa brought the whole thing alive, and showed us areas that we never would have found on our own. This tour is a must for anyone interested in life in the Warsaw Ghetto, and what happened there. Steven Katz, USA, August 2012

I am passing along my highest compliments to Ewa for her fully engaging Warsaw Rising Tour. Her deep knowledge of the build up to the Rising, the daily action by the Polish, German and Russian troops and the impacts on the periods to follow made the tour much more than expected. Her professional approach and the wealth of information and insights were greatly appreciated. Bruce M., Brecksville, OH, United States, June 2013

Ewa was fantastic!!! We took a tour of the Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw and, despite the somber nature of the content, we had a fantastic day. Ewa knows so much about the city of Warsaw, so she was able to give some great information without smothering us, allowing us to take in what she shared with us and ask follow up questions to explore our own individual interest. Many tour guides struggle with this balance. I look forward to taking another tour with Ewa on my next trip to Warsaw!! Adam Pierce, Switzerland, June 2013

We have now arrived back in the USA and wanted to send you a note to thank you for the excellent information that you gave to us. Your explanation of the history leading up to and including WW II was incredible. Your guiding was above all that we expected. We have told several people that want to travel to Poland about your services and the superb way in which you explained everything to us. We will be back in Poland to see what we did not have time in the short time we were there.  You can be sure that we will call upon you again. Thanks and I hope all is well with you. Charlie and Pat Evans, Texas, October 2013

Thank you very much again for the excellent tour and the great company you provided us with. Although I’ve already said so, I want to reiterate that you did everything superbly! I wanted to express our gratitude for the superb guidance you provided us with both in Treblinka and in the Warsaw Ghetto. Both the gravity of the subjects of our two tours and the level of your guidance prompted Biran to write rather extensive reports about the two visits. Raffy Dotan, USA, January 2014

Biran’s report on the Warsaw Ghetto tour > click here
Biran’s report on Treblinka tour > click here

I was left speechless by the intensity of this tour. Winston Churchill remarked: “Poland has been again overrun by two of the great powers which held her in bondage for 150 years but were unable to quench the spirit of the Polish nation. The heroic defense of Warsaw shows that the soul of Poland is indestructible, and that she will rise again like a rock which may for a spell be submerged by a tidal wave but which remains a rock.” Thank you Ewa for the knowledge and passion shared with us. Marzia & Marco Talia, Italy, January 2014

Just wanted to let you know that you did fantastic job of bringing your city to life for us. You were very knowledgeable and very insightful. The only downside was the rain. Once again, “Thank You!!!”, Charles Braun, Strongsville, OH, May 2015 (Illuminated Warsaw tour)

Thank you Ewa for your wonderful tour. Your knowledge of Eastern Europe is outstanding and you gave us a good explanation of the history of the Jews thru to the Holocaust.  We walked back to the hotel after seeing the adopted children. I must say it brought tears to my eyes. Best wishes. Jane and Mick Burdon, New Zealand. June, 2015

Doug and I have continued to marvel at how much we learned while we were with you today.  Your guidance was of the highest order.  We appreciate your wealth of knowledge and skill in delivering it. Nora Licht and Doug Sheer, Woodstock, NY, June 2015 (Jewish Heritage and Warsaw Ghetto tour)

Best guide we have experienced. Excellent English. Excellent knowledge of Poland. Did advanced research to customize our trip to our specific needs. Ann & Ken Lewis, October 2015 (Jewish Piotrków Trybunalski tour)

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