Treblinka extermination camp

Treblinka, established in 1941 as a forced labor camp for Poles is located 110 km (68 miles) northeast of Warsaw. Within a year a second camp was built which became a symbol of the extermination of the central European Jews. Opened on July 23, 1942, as the Warsaw ghetto deportation began it resulted in total 850 thousand victims. Handled with the utmost of secrecy, surrounded by two barbed wire fences was a scene of organized revolt of Jewish prisoners in August 1943, after which was liquidated in October 1943. Today a symbolic memorial monument and 17 thousand stones mark the site of Jewish tragedy…


ROUTE: The tour starts in Warsaw with car transfer to Treblinka Extermination Camp memorial site (driving time – approximately 1.5 – 2 hours one way), visit to the Holocaust place (including memorial in the forest and exhibition / museum). Return to Warsaw. Optional lunch en route possible (not included in the tour fee).

Tour Duration: 6 hours (including driving time)
Group size: 1-4 pax
For larger groups extra transportation (mini-van, bus) cost will be added – please contact for details
meeting place and time:  according to your wish
Transportation Method: walking and car tour
COST:  260 Euro per tour
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transportation for up to 4 pax, parking fees
Additional costs:
Entrance fees:  Treblinka exhibition (1.5 Euro / pax), free admission on Monday, optional lunch en-route
Please note:  services are priced PER TOUR, not PER PERSON
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