Warsaw Jewish Heritage Tour

Warsaw Jews have disappeared irretrievably, their Warsaw was destroyed. Singer still had the images of people and places from before the Holocaust before his eyes. All that is left for us are a few fragile material traces, inscriptions, documents and testimonies – the legacy of surviving memory. But they are still here, although difficult to find….  See the city that does not exist any more, places where Singer lived, the Praga district with Jewish buildings, old cemetery, praying houses, mykvah, traces of mezuzah, the synagogue…


ROUTE: Former ‘Nalewki district’, synagogue, Jewish cemetery, I. B. Singer route, famous Rabbis and other noble personalities of Warsaw, Jewish Praga district (remains of Praga synagogue, Jewish private prayer houses, the Praga district mykvah, Jewish streets of Praga) and others.

Optional – visit to Praga district Jewish cemetery established in 1780, when Polish King Stanisław Poniatowski allotted a lease of it’s grounds to be used as a Jewish burial ground to an influential merchant, one Szmul Zbytkower. The last funerals known to have been conducted at the cemetery took place just before the complete enclosure of the Warsaw Ghetto on November 16th 1940. In the post-war years, under the mandate of the communist authorities, the remnant gravestones were torn from the ground. Some were appropriated as building materials and some collected for subsequent removal. The cemetery area was to be converted into a city park. Today the cemetery is protected. Exhibition regarding cemetery history available.

Optional – the Praga district museum (history of the Jewish community in Praga, preserved praying house), the Praga Jewish cemetery

Tour Duration: 4-6 hours (including driving time)
Please note – due to Sabbath some Jewish sites are not available on Friday afternoon and Saturday.
– the Jewish cemetery (Okopowa street) – available from Sunday to Thursday (10:00-17:00), Friday (10:00-15:00); closed on Saturdays
– the synagogue is available 11:00-17:00 except for the time of service / holidays and Saturday
– The Museum of Warsaw Praga District is available from Tuesday to Sunday (10:00-18:00), Thursday (10:00-20:00), closed on Monday
– the Jewish cemetery in Praga District – available from Monday to Thursday (10:00-16:00), Friday (10:00-14:00); every 2nd Sunday of the month (10:00-16:00); closed on Saturdays
Group size: 1-4 pax
For larger groups extra transportation (mini-van, bus) cost will be added – please contact for details
meeting place and time:  according to your wish
Transportation Method: walking and car tour
1-4 hours: 160 Euro per tour
each additional hour – 35 Euro
Price includes: guiding service, tax, car transportation for up to 4 pax, parking fees
Additional costs:
Optional entrance fees:
– synagogue – 2.5 Euro per person
– Jewish cemetery (Okopowa street) – 2.5 Euro per person
– Praga district Museum – 2.5 Euro per person
– Jewish cemetery (Praga District) – 2.5 Euro per person
Please note:  services are priced PER TOUR, not PER PERSON
To book a tour please e-mail me at:  warsaw-guide@o2.pl giving the date and time, tour duration and any other details you may consider important. You are also welcomed to share your specific preferences / special interest for the special itinerary could be tailored for you.
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