fot. Sabina Chyla

Festival of Light in Wilanów Palace Museum

Wilanów Palace (Polish: Pałac w Wilanowie) is a royal palace located in the Wilanów district, Warsaw.  It survived the time of Poland’s partitions and both World Wars and has preserved its authentic historical qualities, also is one of the most important monuments of  Polish culture.

The palace and park in Wilanów is not only a priceless testimony to the splendour of Poland in the past, but also a place for cultural events and concerts, including Summer Royal Concerts in the Rose Garden and the International Summer Early Music Academy. Since 2006, the palace has been a member of the international association of European Royal Residences.

fot. Sabina Chyla

fot. Sabina Chyla

Wilanów Palace was built for the Polish king John III Sobieski in the last quarter of the 17th century and later was enlarged by other owners. It represents the characteristic type of baroque suburban residence built entre cour et jardin (between the entrance court and the garden). Its architecture is original – a merger of European art with old Polish building traditions. Upon its elevations and in the palace interiors antique symbols glorify the Sobieski family, especially the military triumphs of the king.

fot. Sabina Chyla

fot. Sabina Chyla

This winter the Palace Museum hosts a special event – The Royal Festival of Light – Labyrinth of Light, and several hundred meters of spectacular illuminations of buildings – a view that waits for visitors around the palace and gardens in Wilanów.

fot. Sabina Chyla

fot. Sabina Chyla

Every day (till the end of March 2013) as soon as it gets dark, thousands of lamps are lit on the palace facade, collegiate St. Anna church, the main gate of the building and the adjacent townhall.

fot. Sabina Chyla

fot. Sabina Chyla

All photographs: courtesy of Sabina Chyla >

In the garden, at the Palace Orangery, Labyrinth of Light lights up (an area of ​​800 sq. m) which is the highlight of the festival as well as the visual mapping on the facade of the palace and the church (see the film below).


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