Warsaw tours

Warsaw is a modern, sparkling and cultural city. Because of its long, rich and tragic history there are many historical and interesting places to see. Many of them inhabiting quite unique museums and art galleries. Despite the fact that most of the city was destroyed during World War II, there are still many elderly buildings and palaces left. Several of those destroyed are reverentially rebuilt or restored i.e. the Royal Castle and the Old Town.

Below you will find some sample itineraries, which you can modify according to your preferences and interests.
Suggested tours:
1. The Best of Warsaw tour > click here
2. Warsaw – Frederic Chopin home town > click here
3. Old & New Towns walking tour > click here
4. Illuminated Warsaw evening tour > click here
5. Historic & modern parks of Warsaw > click here
6. The Warsaw Jewish ghetto tour > click here
7. Warsaw Jewish Heritage tour > click here
8. 1944 Warsaw Uprising tour > click here
9. World War II Warsaw tour > click here
10. Communist Warsaw tour > click here
To book a tour please e-mail me at:  warsaw-guide@o2.pl giving the date and time, tour duration and any other details you may consider important. You are also welcomed to share your specific preferences / special interest for the special itinerary could be tailored for you.
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