Indian Summer in Warsaw

An Indian summer is a heat wave that occurs in the autumn. It refers to a period of considerably above normal temperatures, accompanied by dry and hazy conditions, usually after there has been a killing frost. Depending on latitude and elevation, it can occur in the Northern Hemisphere between late September and mid November.

historic Saxon Gardens in the city centre

historic Saxon Gardens in the city centre

In different countries people name it differently. In British English St. Martin’s Summer was the most widely used term until the American phrase became better known in the 20th century. In Welsh, it is known as Haf Bach Mihangel or (St.) Michael’s Little Summer. The phrase Saint Martin’s Summer is widely used in France.

Warsaw Park

Warsaw Park

In many Slavic-speaking countries, the season is called Old Ladies’ Summer: in Russia Babye Leto (Бабье лето), in Ukraine Babyne Lito (Бабине літо), in Czech Republic Babí léto, in Slovakia Babie leto, in Croatia Bablje ljeto and in Slovenia Babje leto. In Bulgaria, the phenomenon is sometimes called “Gypsy Summer” (Bulgarian: циганско лято, tsigansko lyato) and in some places “Gypsy Christmas”.

Warsaw Northern cemetery

Warsaw Northern cemetery

In Poland it is simply called “Golden Polish Autumn” or “Babie Lato” (Polish: Złota Polska Jesień, or Babie Lato).

In Warsaw – full of parks and green spaces – it is particularly beautiful… see for yourself and enjoy 🙂

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